LineLogic™ Catheter Stabilization Device

LineLogic™ is the only device on the market that redirects and stabilizes the central venous catheter (CVC) for sutureless catheter stabilization.

Redirect. Stabilize. Access.

An innovation in catheter technology and accessibility, LineLogic™ is designed to redirect and stabilize the “U” bend in central venous catheters (CVC), providing opportunities for improved catheter care and better patient outcomes.

The consistency of the loop in the catheter line helps build in best practices for nurses and physician. Hospitals and physicians should be focused on catheter stabilization for improved patient outcomes.

LineLogic™ adds standardization for post-insertion care and maintenance of the CVC site and line. The mortality rate of patients who acquire central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) is around 12-15%, according to the CDC 2, and the treatment per patient costs around $56,000 per patient.3 CLABSIs result in thousands of deaths each year and billions of dollars in added costs to the US healthcare system, yet these infections are preventable.4 

“Technology alone is not effective. The evidence is now clear that CLABSI can be reduced most effectively by behavioral change, including ‘state-of-the-art’ insertion technique and catheter care.” LineLogic™ helps patients, care teams and hospitals by supporting the best patient outcomes through standardization of care while also helping improve quality of care and economic efficiencies.


US FDA 510(k) Exempt (Product Code KMK)

Catheter stabilization is recognized as an intervention to decrease risk and may be advantageous in preventing central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) […] A study revealed several areas of opportunity to improve post-insertion CVC care. Interventions should focus on making the implementation of best practice easier to achieve.1 ~CDC

  • Using the latest technology and innovation, LineLogic™ uses an elegant single system designed device to redirect the catheter line back toward the patient’s chest where physicians and nurses prefer the ports to be placed.
  • LineLogic™ is currently offered in sizes 6, 7 & 8.5 French.
  • The product contains a medical grade adhesive designed to facilitate comfortable placement on the patient’s skin.
  • Sterile and latex-free

  • Controlled bend and redirection of the catheter bend using the U
  • Kinking prevention
  • Predictable and stable flow rates
  • Consistency in dressing integrity
  • Improved patient comfort
  • Low cost

  • Low Profile with no pins or hard plastic parts
  • More effective alternative than tape in helping improve patient outcomes
  • Peel away liner enables easy application
  • Predictable and stable flow rates with standardized redirection


  • Easiprene
  • Hypoallergenic skin contact adhesive
  • Latex Free
  • Sterile packaging

Image SKU Product Name Size Natural Latex? Packaging
LL-M-6 Sterile, Linelogic™ 6 Fr Catheter Stabilization Device 6 French No 20/Case
LL-M-7 Sterile, Linelogic™ 7 Fr Catheter Stabilization Device 7 French No 20/Case
LL-M-8 Sterile, Linelogic™ 8.5 Fr Catheter Stabilization Device 8.5 French No 20/Case


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Please consult product labels, instructions for use and any cautions and warnings.

Our Management Team & Advisors

Katelin Roberts

Katelin Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Katelin has management and operations experience within various industries, including aerospace, food manufacturing, and technology. Although Katelin has managed large corporate departments with 130+ people and $86M her passion lies in contributing to the growth and success of startups and small companies that aspire to affect change in the world and improve patient healthcare. In her downtime, you can find Katelin spending time with her family or fly fishing on local waters.

Harry Bontrager

Harry Bontrager

Executive Vice President

Harry is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience working with companies that include J&J, Ansell Healthcare, and Smiths Medical. Harry is well versed in medical device sales, distribution and Group Purchasing Organization’s operations & negotiations. When Harry isn’t making the team smile with his infectious laugh, he can be found on the golf course during his weekly tee time.

Stephanie Hess

Stephanie Hess

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie’s demonstrated history of success in the medical device industry includes experience in operations and supply chain management. Over the years, Stephanie contributed to successful exits of multiple start-ups. She brings vast experience and knowledge of the regulatory challenges facing leaders today. Stephanie loves to travel and is deeply acquainted with Finnish culture, having lived and studied there. Stephanie speaks four languages.

Larry Kronick

Larry Kronick


Larry has over 25 years of experience as a medical device developer, as well as an investor. Larry is the owner and president of Business Asia Consultants, Inc., an International sales, marketing and business development consulting company with extensive experience and network in Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America. Larry brings a unique insight and savvy, particularly related to international medical device sales. Larry is an avid traveler and is fluent in Chinese.

Libble Ginster

Libble Ginster

Board Advisor

Libble brings both deep industry knowledge and extensive management experience in vascular access devices from her time at Bard/BD in the role of Sr. Global Business Leader-Vascular Access Technologies; Head of Strategy-Vascular Access Devices, and now as CEO of FluidX. When not advancing the field of embolic devices through FluidX, Libble’s time is devoted to her family and winning the local tennis league. 

Branden Rosenhan

Branden Rosenhan


Branden is a board certified critical care physician who concieved the idea for LineLogic™, as a fellow at the University of Utah, having experienced the inconsistency and poor success rate of CVC lines. Branden also successfully founded and sold PenBlade™ before launching MedMountain Ventures, a venture seed fund that invests exclusively in Life Sciences & BioTech companies. Branden brings depth of experience and knowledge to all his pursuits.

Partner Testimonials

“It’s easier to manage and keep clean if the ports are directed towards the chest.”

R.N., Medical ICU Nurse
University of Utah

“It is [currently] impossible to keep the dressing clean and dry for internal jugular catheters.”

R.N., Nursing Director, ICU Nurse, PICC Nurse
Promise Hospital